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Skin Boosters

What are Skin Boosters?

Skin Boosters are the last innovation in aesthetic medicine and they're taking the industry by storm! Skin Boosters are injectable treatments, which as their name suggests aim to rejuvenate and 'boost' the skin. Skin Boosters contain ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which deeply hydrates and plumps skin, Polynucleotides which are the building blocks of DNA and help to reverse skin damage, and amino-acids which help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These treatments are all about promoting the best skin texture and radiance possible, without changing the shape of your face. They give an instant boost whilst also slowing down the facial ageing process by helping to prevent skin damage and collagen loss.

What to expect

Prior to injections the treatment area is numbed with topical anaesthetic. The chosen skin booster is then injected into the target areas. The procedure can be a little uncomfortable but is usually very quick. It is normal for a small 'bleb' of skin booster to be seen/felt just underneath the skin at the sight of injection. This will diffuse throughout the skin very quickly and will only be present for a day or two. After treatment redness, swelling and occasional bruising is to be expected, but is usually mild and short lived. 

You can expect to start seeing results 1-2 weeks after your first treatment, however for best results an initial course of 2-3 treatments is recommended, With further maintenance treatments every 6 months.

Laughing Portrait
seventy hyal.png

Before and after Seventy Hyal

Available treatments areas:

  • Under eyes

  • Full Face

  • Neck

  • Décolletage 

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Before and after Seventy Hyal

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