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WOW! Fusion
Microneedling & Mesotherapy Facial

What is WOW! Fusion?

WOW! Fusion is an advanced facial treatment that uses an innovative microneedling device. The device is a glass vial with a microneedling head comprised of 20 gold-plated micro needles. Microneedling is a long-established anti-ageing treatment, whereby small needles create controlled, microscopic injury to the skin which triggers the skin's natural healing process. This results in the formation of new collagen and elastin which can visibly reduce the signs of ageing. The WOW! device allows us to combine microneedling with mesotherapy; within the glass vial we create a bespoke cocktail of serums designed to target your specific skincare concerns, these are then infused via the microchannels into the deeper layers of the skin where they are more effective than when just applied to the surface of the skin. 

The cocktail can be made up of a variety of serums and ingredients depending on the skincare concerns. These include hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, lightening solutions, essential amino acids and Botox®.

WOW! Fusion Botox® Facial

The addition of Botox® into the cocktail of serums takes the WOW! Fusion facial to a whole new level. When administered into the skin (as opposed to the muscles when used as anti-wrinkle injections), Botox® has a unique set of benefits. Within the skin Botox® targets oil and sweat glands, as well as microscopic smooth muscle, this results in reduction of oil and sweat production, and minimisation of the appearance of pores. It also has a tightening effect on fine lines.

What to expect

The WOW! Fusion facial is a minimally invasive treatment with little downtime. First topical numbing cream is applied before the skin is thoroughly cleansed. The needling device is then 'stamped' across the face, and can also be used on the neck and décolletage. This process is largely painless, but can be uncomfortable in bony areas (e.g. the forehead). Once all of the serum has been absorbed, soothing lotion and SPF is applied. You will also be given a moisturising face mask for at home use.

After your treatment your skin will feel sensitive and tight, and likely be a little pink. This will all settle within a 24-48 hour period. 

An initial course of 3 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart is recommended, followed by a maintenance treatment every 3-4 months.

Empty 1.00 mm WOW Fusion Vials High.png
WOW fusion rosacea before and after 5 weeks post treatment.JPG

Before & 5 weeks after course of WOW! Fusion

Which skincare concerns can WOW! Fusion help with?

  • Sun damaged skin

  • Fine lines & wrinkles

  • Acne prone skin

  • Oily skin/congested pores

  • Facial scarring

  • Rosacea

  • Hyperpigmentation/ sun spots 


Before & 3 weeks after WOW! Fusion + Botox

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